Which company news stories would interest a business journalist?

No matter what size or sector, every business has a story worth sharing. 

Business journalists are interested in news that affects the business world. They might be seeking content for local, regional or national media or industry-specific trade publications. 

At Osborn, we have wide experience in supporting clients to reach large and targeted audiences, sharing news about their business or organisation. 

Here are some examples of things you might want to issue a press release on:

Big events

Conferences, networking events, recruitment days and new site openings are a few examples of newsworthy occasions.

If you’re doing something special to mark a national day relevant to your industry, this could be of interest too. 

New business wins

Has your business recently won a contract with a big brand or gained a significant number of new customers?

What does this mean for your organisation?

New product or service launches

Have you launched an exciting new product or service?

Why not tell journalists what it is, how it works and why it’s important?

New partnerships

Have you teamed up with a well-known brand, local business or charity for a new initiative?

Becoming a member of an industry group or local network could also be worth sharing. 

Here are some more stories which could appeal to business journalists:

Big investments: If your business has made a significant investment in new technology, equipment or people, this is a great opportunity to tell people all about your ambitions for growth.

Changes in leadership: If your company has welcomed a new CEO or senior team member, why not introduce them and their role and explain what it means for the future of your business?

New job creation: Local newspapers love to know about businesses bringing new jobs to their area. If you’re recruiting, let your local papers know and advertise your roles for free.

Financial results: If your company has achieved some impressive financial results, why not shout about its success? Journalists will want to know how your company performed, what the results mean for your business and what the outlook is for the future.

Mergers and acquisitions: When two companies merge or one company acquires another, it can have a big impact on an industry. Business journalists will want to know what the deal means for the organisations involved, as well as for their employees, customers and suppliers.

Rebranding: Perhaps your business has recently been refreshed with a new name or look. If so, this is a great opportunity to talk about your brand, what you stand for and your future.

Significant anniversaries: Is your organisation celebrating its first or tenth year in business? This is your chance to let people know your story and who you are.

Big milestones: Have you recently hit a sales milestone, recruited your 100th employee or completed your 1,000th project? Why not shout about your success?

Awards: Has your business or one of your employees won a local, national or industry award? If they’ve made the shortlist and need people to vote for them, let everyone know.

Colleague training and development: Showing that you’re serious about investing in your employees can help promote you as an employer of choice. If you’re launching a new training scheme or have colleagues celebrating the completion of an apprenticeship, write about it.

Community volunteering: Have any of your colleagues volunteered their time to helping a good cause in the local community such as a school or charity?

Fundraising or charitable giving: Has your business taken part in a unique fundraising event, raised a significant amount for a good cause or made a noteworthy charitable donation?

Environmental initiatives: Are you going above and beyond to reduce your carbon footprint, recycle or cut down on waste?

Anything out of the ordinary: Finally, have you got an unusual or inspiring story to tell about your business or one of your employees? Has one of your colleagues done an extraordinary deed for a customer in need or do you know someone celebrating 50 years of service? Journalists love stories that stand out from the rest – the more innovative the better!

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