Share your news with broadcast media channels

January 2, 2021

Getting your news releases in front of broadcast journalists looking for new and interesting stories to cover is a challenge – Osborn Communications can help you.

TV and radio consumption is changing, as people use digital versions along with catching up using on demand services, but they still attract large audiences looking to find out what is happening.

No medium can tell stories in the same way as TV and radio, so at Osborn Communications we help you have every chance of getting noticed.

With the competition for media coverage greater than ever, there can be no guarantees about getting a TV or radio journalist to be able to take on your story.

But when they do, it makes for compelling storytelling and makes a massive impact for those featured.

At Osborn we work with every client to ensure their stories reach the widest possible media, building links on your behalf to strengthen relationships over time to ensure journalists understand how your story is progressing.

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