Raise your profile through a radio appearance

January 1, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen increased audiences for radio, making it a valued platform for trusted news and information, writes Osborn director Chris Leggett.

And Osborn has had a string of recent successes in securing interview slots for businesses and organisations looking to promote their work.

Often overlooked by many who look to TV and digital platforms as more direct ways of reaching audiences, the airwaves have been a trusted friend for those who have had to shield and a companion for many who have been confined at home during lockdown.

Local radio, in particular, remains a significant source of news and information in times of emergency for people rooted in the area, who often prefer to use organisations and businesses in their regions.

Reports have shown people returning to the wireless, both licence fee-funded and commercial, increasing the opportunity on the latter for advertisers.

Whether you are an established organisation sharing news of an opening, like the partners behind the training centre in Walsall, the creators of an established popular family event like the Ludlow Medieval Christmas Fayre or a new start-up looking to reach a wider audience, we can help you present your story to the teams looking for interesting content for their listeners.

We can also help you prepare for your appearance, understanding the opportunities and preparing to give a good account of yourself.

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