Opening the doors is just the start

July 4, 2020

As Super Saturday gets under way many will enjoy the progress being made – but there is still a long way to go.

The reopening of bars and restaurants is symbolic of how the Covid-19 lockdown is being eased, with queues for haircuts showing how long everyday interactions have been put on hold.

After months of minimising interaction, many will look forward to being out for a drink or meal but they only need look around them at the new measures in places to see how things have changed.

Distancing, restriction and limits on contact will be in place for the everyday.

For many of those who are shielding, the new freedoms will be out of reach for a time to come.

And from a communications perspective, news about the impact of the pandemic will continue to come.

In the theatre, performance and live music worlds the wait goes on.

It was poignant that as many prepared to go out for the first time, the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre announced the 2020 pantomime Cinderella was being postponed.

The annual show at Christmas time attracts a diverse and inclusive crowd throughout its run.

Instead, the fun for families will have to wait but faced with the economic realitites of prolonged closure theatre leaders are among those determined to rebuild.

As the Super Saturday freedoms become everyday habits, more progress cannot come quickly enough for those left waiting.


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