Engaging Osborn campaign brings retail brand social media boost

February 2, 2024

Summary: Osborn’s engaging, content-led social media campaign to drive engagement for a leading convenience retailer saw an average increase in audience reach of 86%.

The client

A well-established, multi-site food and drink convenience retail business operating from multiple sites across the West Midlands.

Based in the hub of the local community, each store offers a diverse mix of fresh, chilled, frozen, ambient, alcohol and food to go products as well as a home delivery service. The business prides itself on its strong links with the local community with a focus on customer loyalty.

The brief

Our client wanted us to raise the profile and awareness of its home delivery service using their existing Facebook platform. Their Facebook page is well established with more than 1,000 followers but required social media content to engage and reach a wide audience.

Our response

Over a period of two years, we have created a series of engaging social media campaigns to promote the client’s home delivery service.

Using images and videos of well-known members of staff we created personal social media posts that encourage customers to stop scrolling, pause and react.

Posts are written in an engaging language to encourage customers to like, comment and share posts and often ask questions such as ‘what is your favourite pizza topping?’ or reminding customers of last-minute Christmas essentials they may need.

Images are fun, eye catching and feature recognisable store staff. During seasonal campaigns we encouraged colleagues to dress up in festive jumpers or Halloween costumes to increase social media post engagement.

Campaigns have run through peak food retail seasonal events such as Christmas, Halloween, and Easter together with national events including the football World Cup and the Queen’s Jubilee – all designed to maximise sales and drive customers to use the home delivery service.

Each social media post not only promotes a product or service in a fun and engaging way but serves as a reminder for customers to utilise the home delivery service when they are short on time, need something quick for tea or fancy a last-minute treat delivering to their door.

Client verdict: “During active campaign periods we have noticed a spike in home delivery sales which is fantastic.”

Examples of social media posts include the promotion of seasonal products and promotions, advertising new services such as a hot pizza delivery offering or serving as a reminder to residents to consider using the home delivery service whilst a store is closed for refurbishment.

The results

On average, each campaign consisting of two posts per week over an eight-week period achieved an audience reach of more than 15,000, with one single post hitting a record reach of 10,000 Facebook accounts.

Compared to periods where the client posts their own content, the campaigns have seen an average increase audience reach of 86%.

In addition, since we began working with the client, campaigns have achieved an average of 87% more likes, comments and shares compared to a month when the client has posted their own content.

As part of the campaign management process, we ensured that each post was scheduled to publish at an optimum time based on Facebook’s algorithm, usually around 7pm when the client’s target customer base was online.

Client verdict

“The Osborn team have delivered exceptional social media content to raise the profile of our home delivery service. During active campaign periods we have noticed a spike in home delivery sales which is fantastic.

“Not only have Osborn achieved a high level of engagement amongst our customers, but the campaigns have raised the profile of our stores, colleagues, products and services. We feel that the campaigns help us to stand out against our competitors and promote the business in a fun, engaging way.”

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