Communicating clearly in the COVID age of uncertainty: blog

December 15, 2020

After a testing year unlike any experienced before, communicating online with target audiences will remain vital in the 12 months ahead as we continue to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, writes Osborn Communications director Chris Leggett in a guest blog for management consultancy Perform HQ.

He writes: “Inevitably, marketing and communications spend has been halted or rapidly reduced as organisations battle with managing costs and fighting fires to stay in operation.

“The temptation has been to go quiet and concentrate on ‘business as usual’ while stablising for what was hoped would be a rapid return to normality.

“The arrival of vaccines brings welcome hope but we will all have to adapt to life with COVID around us.”

“Not everything has to mention this infection which brought the world to a halt,” he adds.

“Give people other things to think about to think beyond the here and now, to give them some hope for 2021 and onwards.”

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