Businesses guided on using content for growth at Osborn workshop

Chris Leggett with Alison Trinder of Black Country Chamber of Commerce

February 28, 2023

Award-winning Osborn Communications gave businesses looking to engage target audiences using news and content some practical advice during a fully-booked free workshop.

Attendees were guided on ways to reach new audiences through maximising the use of their websites, social channels and media opportunities at the event on Tuesday (February 28).

Osborn director and former BBC news journalist Chris Leggett led businesses through strategies and practical tips for the Black Country Chamber of Commerce event, titled How to engage target audiences using content, at Ignite on Railway Drive in Wolverhampton.

The two-hour session covered strategy planning, ways of developing content to reach online audiences and the best ways of reaching out to the media.

The workshop also included networking opportunities for delegates.

Maximum value

The event was organised for companies looking to generate new conversations through press, public relations, website news stories and social media amid the challenges of the economic environment.

Chris said: “We feel passionately that every business has a story to share to build connections and with the current economic pressures reducing marketing spend, they should use their websites to make a bigger impact over time.

“Many businesses see content on their website as pain or distraction. The workshop was to help businesses see it as asset which can ensure many more people know products or services they offer.

“The audience asked some interesting questions around the use of chatbots, which are an exciting development in our field, as well as the priorities for publishing news on company websites and the best ways to guide users to important information.

“We specialise in growing engagement, promoting our clients’ businesses and its strengths via multiple channels to create compelling content which reaches large and targeted audiences, driving response.

“We look forward to seeing the delegates put the session learnings into practice and for the opportunities to speak to companies about potential partnerships.”

Prominent coverage

Alison Trinder of Black Country Chamber of Commerce said: “It was fantastic to have the team from Osborn Communications provide such an impactful presentation for members from businesses of all sizes.

audience chamber of commerce event osborn communications feb 28 2023

“As well as understanding how companies can use their websites and social media channels to reach more people, it was great to get their expert views on how to engage with the media and to look forward as to how chatbots and other technology can shape the future.”

Delivering positive messages for businesses to help them sell and grow profits across the UK and internationally, Osborn has secured prominent TV, radio, online news and print coverage, backed with social media and website support for clients operating in a range of sectors including retail, professional services, facilities management, training and tech.

Osborn Communications, which won the Black Country Chamber of Commerce start-up of the year award in 2021, produces successful digital, PR and marketing work for a range of leading West Midlands brands and offers training services for companies.

The agency has expanded its team on the back of revenue and client number growth to help customers reach new audiences.

The Black Country Chamber of Commerce event was open to both Chamber members and non-members.


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